The Study Hall, Inc.

Jacquetta Watkins, Executive Director

1010 Crew Street

Atlanta, GA 30315


404-659-8286 (fax)

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"The Study Hall is a nurturing environment, the teachers are wonderful, and I really enjoy the program. For me The Study Hall offers so much. I know my kids are safe until 6:30 and I know they will be dropped off at my door. I am so happy that my boys have had the opportunity to be apart of The Study Hall." ~ Ms. B. Daniels, TSH Parent Since 2005

"My TSH experience is wonderful and has been a tremendous help. The program is exciting and my child loves it here. The environment here is so family oriented, everyone is great and understanding of her needs. The activities The Study Hall offers have helped my child to develop and blossom." ~ Ms. B. Allen, TSH Parent Since 2007

"We have lots of fun at The Study Hall, there are a lot of great activities here. We get to go outside, play games, and meet new friends. I really enjoy the Ice Cream Social. Coming here helps me to understand lessons I didn't really understand at school. Any question I have gets answered here and I get a lot of help with my homework. I really enjoy speaking with the staff, they are always there to listen when I am feeling bad or whenever I need to talk. As a new scholar I am glad I had the opportunity to come here and I can't wait to come back." ~ Miss TaQuanna G., TSH Scholar Since 2008